United against Gender-Based Violence (GBV)

Terrible crimes are being committed against women in the world on a daily basis. Girls do not always have control over their own bodies and cultures and practices in their communities impede such control. Among youths especially school learners, there is a lack of gender activism that helps the silencing of gendered voices.

This initiative targets:

- Girls to not show a great level of tolerance to violence since they have been socialized into submissive gender roles.

- Girls to stop be embarrassed to report cases to the authority (stigma)

- Both girls and boys break gender-based social believe system and economic power ( economic dependence) 

- Boys in engaging them in violence prevention and explore issues such as dominant masculinities, privilege and entitlement

- Violence in the virtual space, how social media are used to abuse women and girls


This initiative also raise awareness on the lack of:

- Proper support for GBV victims,

- Responsiveness of laws,

- Urgency on the part of law enforcement to seriously address case of GBV

This initiative engage youths in schools and out of school in a diversity of activities that range from training to field work. They are engaged in discussions on cultures, stigmas and practices that facilitate GBV. They are also trained to identify sign of GBV and adopt appropriate measures to discuss about it with adults and denounce it if necessary. During the training, piece of theaters and gender role exercises help raise the participants awareness on the problems faced by the opposite gender.